When you expect more out of life,
the possibilities are truly endless.

There's a saying heard a lot around Tom Smith Land and Homes: "Inspect what you expect." It's a timeless leadership mantra that means if you are going to set high standards and aspire to reach lofty goals, you better make sure that everything you do is in line with your expectations. Every detail of your business needs to represent the quality you stand for.

Professionalism, knowledge, integrity-these traits are the cornerstones of success at Tom Smith Land and Homes. If you Expect More out of your real estate experience, then you can expect to Get More when you work with the professionals of this leading brokerage. With offices throughout the Southeast and standards that are second-to-none, this is the company to turn to for any land or residential home purchase or sale. Contact them today for more information.


Tom Smith helped us find an incredible piece of lake front property in 2015 that ended up being our home away from home. It was the perfect spot for a weekend getaway to bring friends and family. Fast forward to 2020 we decided to sell part of that property and of course called Tom. We were in the middle of getting the property listed and COVID-19 hit Mississippi hard. We decided to go ahead and try to sell it despite some fear that during such uncertain times it might stay for sale for an unlimited amount of time. Tom brought a couple to look at it within a few days. He also showed it several more times over the following 2 weeks. We were so pleasantly surprised to have an offer within weeks and it ended up being the couple that looked with him at that first showing. This family and Tom and Ellen and their team were so pleasant and easy to work with and made the inspections and closing a simple task. I wouldn’t hesitate to have Tom Smith help us in the future purchase or sell a home and/or piece of property.    ” Shannon and Dan Lyle  “I want to let you know how happy and appreciative I was for David Belden and your agency and everything y’all did for me getting my land sold. David did not disappoint!! He jumped at the challenge, and it was a challenge with a few hurdles to get through, but he was awesome!! He was very professional and considerate. David had my best interest from the very start and I enjoyed working with him! I will definitely give Tom Smith Land and Homes high praise and a referral to anyone I know who is in the market to buy or sell!” C. Goode

I bought a condo with Kerri, sight unseen. She was able to get me the information I needed to make the decision. She then managed almost all of the required repairs. Even after I closed on the condo, she was still available to help me make some changes. Since I was a time zone away, her help was invaluable.

“I enjoyed working with Kerri, she is open minded about client’s needs and very professional. This was my first home buying experience and I was satisfied. I would recommend Kerri to anyone looking for a home!” T. Li

This email is a short memo of what a great job Bill Patrick performed on my behalf. He was persistent and kept me informed of what was happening for better than two years, and I really do appreciate his professionalism, and just plain looking out for my best interest. My being out of state, didn't help the matter any, but Bill hung in and conducted my business as if it were his own. I'll raise a toast for Bill during this Holiday Season. Thank You for Bill!

Rufus Hunt