When you expect more out of life,
the possibilities are truly endless.

There's a saying heard a lot around Tom Smith Land and Homes: "Inspect what you expect." It's a timeless leadership mantra that means if you are going to set high standards and aspire to reach lofty goals, you better make sure that everything you do is in line with your expectations. Every detail of your business needs to represent the quality you stand for.

Professionalism, knowledge, integrity-these traits are the cornerstones of success at Tom Smith Land and Homes. If you Expect More out of your real estate experience, then you can expect to Get More when you work with the professionals of this leading brokerage. With offices throughout the Southeast and standards that are second-to-none, this is the company to turn to for any land or residential home purchase or sale. Contact them today for more information.


This email is a short memo of what a great job Bill Patrick performed on my behalf. He was persistent and kept me informed of what was happening for better than two years, and I really do appreciate his professionalism, and just plain looking out for my best interest. My being out of state, didn't help the matter any, but Bill hung in and conducted my business as if it were his own. I'll raise a toast for Bill during this Holiday Season. Thank You for Bill!

Rufus Hunt
“Tom Smith took my call on a Saturday morning and Joel McKee from the Philadelphia Office had our property listed, contracted and funded 30 days later. Well Done Team!!” Brad Hunter

Kerri has been such a lifesaver!! My family wanted to move to a county in which we knew nothing about!! We were moving from 3 hours away! I didn't even know where to start! Kerri listened to my request of what kind of home I wanted my children to grow up in. She has been so patient & kind with us. She knew just the right place to start looking for usÄshe is the best!

“I recently purchased my second home, which is a nerve-wrecking experience, no matter if it is one's first or second home. I was reluctant to sell my dream home but finally convinced by my wife after being pressured for more than a year. On that life changing day or decision, I retrieved the mail from my mail box to find a colorful and very professional flyer from Jennifer Tant of Tom & Smith Land and Homes, I was sold. As a Ph.D. student closing out on my dissertation; Jennifer’s flyer possessed the characteristics of an excellent thesis precise with its intent, professional, and well written. As my wife and I began to work with Jennifer we learned that she was a novice; nevertheless, her professionalism and dedication far exceeded her inexperience’s. We were convinced that Jennifer was special at her job; therefore, we cut-ties with our realtor selected to help find and purchase our second home. Jennifer sold our house in approximately 3 weeks and had us in our current home in approximately 45 days. Bottom-line, to select Jennifer as our realtor to sell and help purchase our second home was perhaps the best decisions my wife and I made. The question or concern about Jennifer being our realtor despite purchasing our home from a realtor within the same organization/real estate company never crossed our minds. Jennifer can be defined as follows: HONEST, loyal, punctual, SOCIABLE, PROFESSIONAL, assertive when required, and must importantly DEPENDABLE!” Anonymous

Tony, I just wanted to thank you again for your hard work on selling Mother's house. We appreciate all that you did to make it happen so quickly. Also, the husband and I, because of your generous gift card, enjoyed a wonderful meal last night. I assure you I will recommend you to anyone that asks for a real estate agent!

K. Lee