When you expect more out of life,
the possibilities are truly endless.

There's a saying heard a lot around Tom Smith Land and Homes: "Inspect what you expect." It's a timeless leadership mantra that means if you are going to set high standards and aspire to reach lofty goals, you better make sure that everything you do is in line with your expectations. Every detail of your business needs to represent the quality you stand for.

Professionalism, knowledge, integrity-these traits are the cornerstones of success at Tom Smith Land and Homes. If you Expect More out of your real estate experience, then you can expect to Get More when you work with the professionals of this leading brokerage. With offices throughout the Southeast and standards that are second-to-none, this is the company to turn to for any land or residential home purchase or sale. Contact them today for more information.


“I had the opportunity to meet Austin Wilson, an agent at Tom Smith Land and Homes. I had some land to sell in Florence, MS and Austin did a great job at getting it sold. He had a great attitude, very respectful and answered all the questions I had about the process of selling property, I had no idea what all had to be done. Austin made suggestions that would help in selling the property too. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to invest or sell property. Thank you Tom Smith Land and Homes family!” Ann McCann “My husband and I are first time homebuyers and had the most wonderful experience with Emerson. We didn't know much going into the process and we were extremely nervous and fearful that we may get taken advantage of. Emerson was so kind, integral, honest and helpful. He was always there for us. He instantly made us feel comfortable and I could always tell he wanted what was BEST for us. He listened so well and anytime I called, he answered or called back immediately. There were so many little moments in the process that reassured me that God sent Emerson to us. My husband and I were very fortunate to have Emerson. He really is a virtuous person with a beautiful soul. The experience was truly a great one. I've already been telling a few friends that are looking to buy homes about him. I feel like everyone around me should buy a house with Emerson as their realtor. You just don't meet integral, loving people, like him everyday. Especially when you're making the biggest purchase of your life. I could go on and on but I think I made my point, Emerson is an AMAZING realtor!” Ashely and Jonathan B. “Eric is very professional and knowledgeable, he went over and beyond to help me with my land purchase. I would highly recommend Eric to anyone looking for a property, he’s an all-around great guy. Thanks, Eric, for all of your help!” Jason W. “I would like to share my excellent experience working with Preston Smith and on my father's behalf express his gratitude for the outstanding service that Preston provided to us starting with the listing and ending with the sell of his home. We appreciate the opportunity to work with Preston and so very grateful for a successful closing story to tell others.” Melissa Valenti and Richard Dean “It was so wonderful working with Harper Day of Tom Smith Land and Homes. Harper paid full attention of my needs and made sure he put the word out about my listing. Harper did a great job following through with all of the potential buyers. Thanks again Harper for your services!”  ” P. J. Eaton