When you expect more out of life,
the possibilities are truly endless.

There's a saying heard a lot around Tom Smith Land and Homes: "Inspect what you expect." It's a timeless leadership mantra that means if you are going to set high standards and aspire to reach lofty goals, you better make sure that everything you do is in line with your expectations. Every detail of your business needs to represent the quality you stand for.

Professionalism, knowledge, integrity-these traits are the cornerstones of success at Tom Smith Land and Homes. If you Expect More out of your real estate experience, then you can expect to Get More when you work with the professionals of this leading brokerage. With offices throughout the Southeast and standards that are second-to-none, this is the company to turn to for any land or residential home purchase or sale. Contact them today for more information.


“I appreciate Tracey Bell and the job she did. I have recommended Tom Smith Land and Homes and Tracey to others.” T. Brewer “First off, I would like to thank Clif Cannon for a job well done. This was my first time making a purchase and he was there to answer all my questions and gave me great and EXCELLENT advice. He was so understanding and worked extremely hard to make sure I did not have any concerns. Clif was a wonderful communicator; he informed me of everything that was going on with the property whether if it was good or bad and I really appreciate him for everything. He is such a hard worker and dedicated person and would most definitely get the job done. I HIGHLY recommend getting Mr. Clif Cannon as your Realtor. Thank you again for everything!” D. Jackson “Thanks to Charlie Heinsz for all the work. We had every obstacle known come up, and Charlie took care of it all. Look forward to doing more business with him in the near future.” Justin Watson “We worked with Clif Cannon to sell land that had been in our family for years and he was an AWESOME realtor. From the very first meeting we knew we had the right person. He was professional, very knowledgeable and forthcoming. He was able to make us feel relaxed about the process, we just knew that we could trust him. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Cannon because he was so easy to work with, he was attentive to our needs and kept updated every step of the way. He worked extremely hard for us and for that we are forever grateful. THANK YOU MR. CANNON FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND DEDICATION!!!” G. Willliams

This is a big thanks to Bill Patrick for his help in securing the purchase of a really great property that just fit my ownership desires with a creek, hardwood bottom, pines and a beautiful pond in a perfect location to provide a getaway spot for my family. I have literally looked for years and when this came up on your site Bill took the time to meet me to view the property, work the specific details as desired, and provide assistance in locating a surveyor and attorney to close the deal. Thanks for providing the web resources to search and view property details and the agent resources to make deals happen. Thrilled to have a mini-farm with all the versatility I had been looking for.

R. Humphrey