T. Ewing

I just completed the sale of our family farm in Attala County with Adam Hester’s help.  I’ve moved many times and used quite a few real estate agents, and Adam is the best one I’ve had – hands down.  I first contacted Adam over two years ago with a few general questions about the differences between selling land and traditional home sales. I had seen your company on some billboards and was looking for someone who had roots in the area if we decided to sell.  I was impressed with the amount of time Adam spent educating me and even giving me specific advice about our property without any sort of commitment from me.  I was anticipating some family issues (there are three sibling owners) and he helped me anticipate and prepare for those.

When we finally were ready to sell the property late last year, I didn’t consider having anyone but Adam handle the sale for us.  He prepared a very thorough price analysis and a professional and convincing marketing package – and quickly had buyers looking at the property.  He was always quick to respond to any questions I had, and he kept me informed whenever there was something to report on the status.  He helped keep pressure on the closing attorney to get the sale executed. In short, Adam did a fantastic job in all respects and I will be recommending him to anyone I come across who is interested in buying or selling a property.

He is a quality person and a great representative of your company.