T and L Bourne

The dealings with Preston Smith on the sale of my small piece of property in Walthall County, MS can be summarized in three words: Knowledge, Professionalism, and Courtesy. Preston exhibited excellent knowledge of the small hunting property market and what people were looking for in that type property. He had a good knowledge of the market demands and expectations and set a reasonable price. Really demonstrated his knowledge during the closing when the buyer’s agent did not appear to be very knowledgeable at all. He handled all of our listing and contract dealings, communications and closing in a very professional manner. Everything was done timely and communicated well. One thing that made Preston really stand out was our initial dealings. Preston called while I had the property ‘for sale by owner’ and introduced himself and communicated his desire to help sell but was never pushy in his discussion. While I had some other agents contact me about listing the property, the way Preston handled the initial communications and his follow-up on a property visit made my decision easy. Preston and Clif were always courteous in all of our dealings. Preston clearly demonstrated this at the closing when he was very friendly and courteous to the buyers and us while the buyer’s agent came in and stood less than three feet from us and never introduced himself or said a word to us. That is not the way to do business. However, one thing that really stood out about Preston even from the beginning was the way he treated us about the property. While I am not naive to not recognize that his job is to sell a potential listing, Preston and Clif both made us feel good about the property even though it was small and they have surely listed some large, beautiful tracts. That is one of the main reasons that if we do ever have any more land listings or want to purchase any property that is listed, Preston is the person we will call.