Stacey L.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the work that Nicole Newell did for me and my family.  Last year I needed to sell my mother-in-law’s home so she could move to a nursing home closer to us and the rest of her family in New Orleans.  I’m so glad Nicole was there to explain the process and help us through every step along the way.

Nicole was always there on time when we met in person and super quick to respond on the phone or by text when I got in touch.  This made a big difference to me because we were selling a house several hours away.

I had never sold a house before and Nicole was great at explaining everything involved in the process of the sale.  She also was so helpful with advice about staging my mother-in-law’s house and even went through her kitchen with me helping me start the process of discarding things that were never going to be used.  It may sound like a small thing, but her no nonsense, hands on approach was just what I needed to start going through my mother-in-law’s things.

Nicole was great about keeping us informed about showings and interest in the house.  She was always upbeat and worked hard to find solutions to any issues that came up, like hurricane Ida hitting on the day we were supposed to close!  We closed a week later, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with our experience working with Nicole as our agent and with your company.