S. Sones

Our experience with Sabrina Wolff as our realtor is everything you would hope to receive from a real estate agent. She is super professional, but personal and truly cares about your situation. She is an expert at being able to do both (personal and professional). This is rare and one of her top skills, in my opinion. She was positive and upbeat 110% of the time which was a huge breath of fresh air. She works relentlessly, many times late at night helping you get the deal done – because she truly loves what she does! She fights for her clients and won’t be pushed around but doesn’t have to be unethical to achieve that. She is always in the know and always seemed to be one step ahead. If you don’t like Sabrina, well you’re just jealous. We were incredibly thankful to have her on both of our transactions, buying and selling. Sabrina makes long-lasting friendships out of her clients, including us! This is the sign of someone doing what they are called to do!

All those things aside though – the biggest reason Brittany and I loved Sabrina was her genuine Christian faith. She’s just real. We are believers also! She shines with the light of Jesus with her life and the way she lives it. This light and natural positivity is like a beacon to other people, Christian and non-Christian alike. We need more people like Sabrina in the world. We think she’s awesome! You guys are extremely lucky to have her.