S. Gilman

I recently completed a commercial real estate transaction in Crystal Springs with Sabrina Wolff. It was the acquisition of the former KIBS Grocery Store which was one of the most challenging transactions I have done in 23 years of real estate investing. I have to say that in my time of investing, I have often had struggles with real estate transactions that involved a real estate agent. I always found them self-serving and not really representing my interests in the transaction. That was certainly not the case with Sabrina.

Once I met Sabrina I was immediately impressed with her positive attitude, professionalism, energy, and willingness to help all sides get to a positive outcome. During the transaction, she had to deal with two middle-aged men that get grumpy and frustrated. She handled both of us with care, concern, and a positive attitude. When I lost my initial investor and had to scramble for a second investor, she stayed the course and never tried to find a second buyer. That goes a long way with me!

I honestly don’t think I have to tell you how awesome she is. Being around her for five minutes will tell you all you need to know. I am very thankful that Sabrina was involved in this transaction and I will continue to use only her in all my future real estate transactions. I will continue to follow her real estate career with great interest as I know someone of her caliber will continue to be an outstanding leader in Mississippi real estate.

In closing, If there are any real estate awards that she can be nominated for in 2022, please do not hesitate to call on me to support the nomination process for her to be recognized. Sabrina is no doubt, one of the best agents in the Mississippi real estate career field and should be recognized for her outstanding work.