Pam Lea H.

Several years ago, as my parents’ health began to fail, I thought I had a plan to easily carry out their last wishes with the property they left to my two brothers and myself. I had met Eli Ferguson through family and friends and called on him several times for questions regarding this.  He always graciously gave me answers that proved to be safe and correct.

A single dwelling place or one piece of land would have fallen perfectly into my plan.  My parents, however, had purchased adjoining pieces of land several times and even had commercial properties involved.

When the time came, in 2021, that we needed to divide their estate, we asked Eli if he could advise us again on how to manage this.  He went above and beyond expectations in laying out a plan for dividing and selling properties in a way that brought us above appraised value on every piece.  This was done very professionally, and in a much faster time frame than any of us expected.

Eli was more than willing to take the bull by the horns and handle problems before I knew they existed.  Because this was quite an emotional time for my brothers and me, it was such a relief to know that business was being handled by someone who not only cared about our feelings but also knew exactly how to accomplish what needed to be done.

I am forever grateful that God placed this knowledgeable and professional realtor in my path to make sure that all “I’s” were dotted and all “t’s” were crossed as he walked us through the closings of each property.  Thank you, Eli, from the bottom of my heart.